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Kiss your utility worries good-bye. As Whatcom County’s top utility contractor, we help property owners, like you, with all their utility service needs. Installation, repair and replacement we have you covered.

Underground Utilities

New or replacement utility services. We connect homes and businesses to municipal and private utilities.

Bellingham Underground Utility Contractor

About Our Underground Utilities Services

As a licensed and bonded utility contractor, we install underground utilities to your home or business from existing public and private utilities.

Our services include new construction as well as replacement water lines, gas lines, electrical conduit, stormwater lines, and sanitary sewer connections. In some cases, we can provide spot repairs and trenchless services to minimize surface disruption. The materials we use meet or exceed industry and municipality standards.

During the utility work we act as your general contractor to ensure your project is executed correctly and completely. We provide utility location scheduling and all necessary permits and inspections where required. We will also coordinate with other subcontractors, if needed to ensure your job is worry and stress free.

  • Water service connection
  • Storm water connection
  • Sanitary sewer connection
  • Electrical conduit
  • Gas conduit
Underground Utility Repair Bellingham WA

Get peace of mind when you hire Bellingham’s best utility contractor.


Your Job Executed Correctly, Completely & Economically

As a reliable, experienced general contractor we will ensure your job is done right and for the best price possible.


Save Time and Avoid Confusion with a Single Contact

A single individual will be assigned to oversee your job and manage all subs.

We Take Care of all the Details

Utility location scheduling, submitting applications for permits, calling for inspections; we take care of it all.

What We Do: Underground Utilities

Water Service

Water Service Whatcom County - Installation and Repair

Your water service is the connection from your house or business to the city meter, well head, or water association meter. We provide water service lines for new construction as well as repair or replacement of existing water service lines.

If you’re experiencing higher than normal water bills and your water meter is turning when no water is flowing in your home, this is an indication that you have a leak between your meter and home.


  • On-site assessment and leak detection

  • Waterline replacement

  • Trench or trenchless; continuous plastic pipe that exceeds high pressure requirements

  • On-site connections to the house line as well as to the meter

Stormwater Connections

Stormwater Service Whatcom County - Agate Northwest

Rain or stormwater must be diverted away from structural property or long-term damage will occur. We can provide foundation and downspout drainage on new construction as well as remediate clogged or improperly installed downspout drainage on existing structures. This includes connecting to municipal stormwater lines or daylighting to street curbs or road ditches.


  • New construction foundation and downspout drainage installation

  • Remediate clogged or improperly installed downspout drainage

  • Camera inspections, hydro-jetting, & root cutting to unclog pipes

  • French drains and curtain drains for surface water problems

sanitary Sewer systems

Sanitary Sewer Service Whatcom County Install and Repair

We can provide the sanitary sewer tie-in from your home or business using modern material with gravity flow or pump discharge. Older tie-ins used short sections of clay or concrete tile. Both clay and concrete tiles are prone to breakage, separation, and root clogging.


  • New construction

  • Remediation of older construction

  • Camera inspections of existing pipe to identify problem areas

  • Replacement of substandard clay tiles with modern materials

Electrical Conduit

Electrical Conduit Install Whatcom County - Agate Northwest

Whether adding electrical service to new construction or adding a new circuit to outside lighting, well pump, or automatic gate, we can run subsurface conduit that’s ready for an electrician. We can do this much cheaper than the electrician since they usually sub contract this aspect out while up-charging for the subcontractor.


  • Industry standard glued conduit according to local regulations

  • Conduit installed with pull rope for pulling wire

  • Mole tunneling under sidewalks and driveways, eliminating costly concrete replacement

Gas Lines

Gas Line Installation Whatcom County - Agate Northwest

We can add new gas lines or replace your existing gas line from the street service to your home or business using an approved gas line. If replacing existing gas lines, we have the ability to do trenchless replacement, minimizing surface disruption.


  • Coordinate with gas company for inspections and final connections

  • Only approved gas line used

  • Highest standards in material and workmanship

Mole Tunneling

Mole Tunneling Whatcom County Agate Northwest General Contractor

In situations that require tunneling underground in straight runs and up to 3” in diameter, we have the ability to use a pneumatic mole. This is ideal for underground electrical conduit and any straight pipe less than 3” in diameter. Mole tunneling is cost effective and perfect for crossing under sidewalks and driveways.


  • Minimal site disturbance – only need an entry & exit trench

  • Straight runs up to 3 inches in diameter

  • No damage to sidewalk or driveway

  • Cost effective solution

frequent questions

Get the answers to our most commonly asked questions about Underground Utilities.

How do I know if I have a broken sewer line?

Common signs of a broken or clogged sewer line include:

  • A foul odor may become apparent starting in your basement or crawlspace
  • Unusually wet yard and /or foul order
  • Your sewage is starting to back up into your home

What are the most common factors that cause issues for sewer lines?

The most common issues that cause problems for sewer lines include:

  • Older homes with obsolete clay sewer pipe
  • Root invasion by surrounding trees and shrubs
  • Lack of periodic maintenance and cleaning
  • Ground settling or poorly installed sewer lines causing negative flow or separation
  • Utility companies have performed work in the roadway causing additional stress to your sewer system

How do I know if I have a problem with my underground water lines?

Signs you made need to repair or replace your water service:

  • High water bill
  • Water meter is spinning with no water usage
  • Low water pressure
  • Standing water in the yard
  • Notification from utility district

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