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Put an end to your flooding issues once and for all. Whether you’re dealing with a yard, parking lot, crawl space, or a basement that floods, we can help you stop the water from collecting where it’s not supposed to.

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Repair or replace your faulty drainage system. We provide drainage remedies for all budgets.

Drainage Contractor Whatcom County

About Our Drainage Services

If your home has underground downspout drains and you’re experiencing little or no flow, unusual wetness in your yard, or water in your crawlspace, your drainage system may need some important maintenance.

Moisture around your foundation, particularly if it’s making its way into your basement or crawlspace leads to long-term damage to your property. Agate NorthWest, drainage contractor Whatcom County, can make things right.

We have the experience and equipment to maintain or replace faulty drainage systems. We can send a camera into the drainage system to identify clogs and breaks. We can precisely locate on the surface where problems occur for spot repairs. We can also hydro-jet to clean and/or cut roots that may invade the system.

  • Downspout drainage
  • French drains
  • Curtain drains
  • Surface drains and sump pumps
  • Perimeter drains
  • Swales and ditching
  • Erosion control
  • Retention ponds
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What We Do: Stormwater Drainage

Downspout Drainage

Downspout Drainage Bellingham by Agate Northwest

Effective downspout drainage systems transport rainwater away from foundations eliminating a host of problems caused by standing water. Agate NorthWest, drainage contractor Whatcom County, can install underground downspout systems for new and existing construction.

For new construction, the most cost effective time for installation is prior to backfilling around the foundation. For existing construction, downspout drainage systems may require maintenance or repair to ensure proper flow. If no system exists, we can add one to eliminate any problems caused by standing water. Above all, we ensure our systems have positive flow to a stabilized out source designed to handle rainwater from any roof system such as a street curb, open ditch, or stormwater pipe.


  • New construction installation
  • Existing construction installation
  • Maintenance and repair of existing systems

French Drains

French Drain Installation Bellingham

French drains eliminate standing surface water caused by impervious soil and transport the water to a natural gravity or mechanical outflow system. This system is typically includes a trench with a perforated pipe backfilled with gravel.

Surface water percolates through the gravel and into a cloth covered perforated pipe, which is installed with a positive slope to carry the water to a natural outflow. If there is no natural outflow, a covered sump pit can be installed and the water can be pumped to an outflow source.

A variation of the French drain is a foundation perimeter drain system. Foundation drain systems are installed prior to backfilling around the foundation. Either way, damaging water is collected and transported away and allowed to flow into a natural drainage system.


  • Eliminate standing water from your yard or property
  • Collect surface water and transport underground to an outsource
  • Little or no impact to the original land use
  • Foundation perimeter drainage eliminates any water collected around building foundations

Curtain Drains

French Drain Installation Bellingham

Curtain drains are usually shallow systems that follow the natural slope of the property to collect and transport surface water to a natural gravity outflow system. This system is typically a trench backfilled with gravel. The surface water percolates through the gravel and into a natural outflow source. The original land use is impacted very little after restoration.


  • Eliminate standing water from your yard or property

  • Collect surface water and transport to an outflow source

  • Little or no impact to the original land use

Hydro-Jetting Drain Pipes

Hydrojetting Services in Bellingham from Agate Northwest

Hydro-jetting requires specialized equipment, but is very much like pressure washing your driveway or deck. High pressure water is fed into the drain pipe to clear the pipe of clogs caused by sediment and organic material including infiltrating roots.

While hydro-jetting is very effective, it does have limitations and cannot fix systems that have been improperly installed, or systems with excessive root clogging. However, in conjunction with our in-pipe camera inspection system we can diagnose the problem and make cost effective recommendations for long term solutions.


  • Cost effective solution to simple drainage clogs
  • Clear sediment and organic material in properly installed systems
  • Clear minor root infiltration

Surface Drains & Sump Pumps

Install surface drains Bellingham

If water is collecting in parking areas or flowing along the ground surface and collecting in places where it shouldn’t, we can install surface drains and redirect the water to a natural outflow source. If natural outflow sources are not available, we can install a covered sump pit with an electric sump pump to mechanically pump the water to a natural outflow source. Either way, we can assess your individual needs and provide a cost effective solution for any situation.


  • Redirect water to a natural outflow source

  • Sump pump installations to redirect when no natural outflow exists

  • Cost effective solutions

Perimeter Drains

Perimeter Drain Install Bellingham by Agate Northwest

Foundation perimeter drain systems ensure that ground water doesn’t collect around foundation walls causing possible migration into basements and crawl spaces.

We install perforated pipe with a sock filter along the footer prior to backfilling. This perforated pipe system allows water to enter the pipe and provides an open transport method to move the water to a natural outflow if available, or to a sump pit to be mechanically pumped to a natural outflow. A foundation perimeter drain system installed prior to backfilling is a cost effective insurance policy against potential future water problems.


  • Cost effective solution to future water problems
  • Migrate ground water away from foundations
  • Recommended for all new construction with crawl spaces and full basements

Swales and Ditching

Dry Swell Install Example

Swales effectively redirect surface runoff by gently reshaping the land surface to allow for natural drainage to a stabilized outflow. Swales are cost effective, generally maintenance free, and usually won’t disrupt the original land use.

If you’re experiencing surface runoff from your neighbor’s property, a swale may be a best option for a long-term solution. Ditching is primarily used to provide drainage next to rural roads. While local agencies provide this function on public roads, we can provide ditching on private roads and lanes.


  • Swales redirect surface flow and are cost effective and low maintenance
  • Swales provide minimum impact to the original land use
  • Ditching provides natural water flow next to private roads and lanes

Erosion Control

Proper Erosion Control Measures Bellingham Contractor

Erosion control is required for all new construction. We take erosion control seriously and ensure that we meet or exceed all local requirements. These requirements include the use of silt fences, loose straw cover on bare soil, and straw wattles in ditches to trap sediment.

We maintain erosion control measures throughout our construction process and can even provide hydroseeding contractors to efficiently plant long term ground cover. We can also build rain gardens, check dams and water bars to mitigate flowing water from cutting channels in the soil.


  • We provide all erosion control measures for new construction
  • We maintain all erosion control measures during our phase of construction
  • We contract with hydroseeding outfits for long term ground cover

Retention Ponds

Retention Pond Builder Bellingham

Retention ponds may be desirable for many reasons including water storage, wildlife habitat, recreation, esthetics, and increased property value.

We have the experience and equipment to make quick work of building any pond structure with special consideration for local soil composition and water inflow and outflow. If your plans include a retention pond, consider Agate NorthWest.


  • Increase property value while retaining water for storage, wildlife and recreation
  • We build retention ponds with an overview of soil composition and inflow and outflow
  • We have the experience and equipment to build any retention pond

frequent questions

Get the answers to our most commonly asked questions about Stormwater Drainage and Management.

How do I stop water from pooling at a particular spot in my yard?

Water pooling in your yard could be the result of many different causes.

The most common are:

  • poor soil percolation and no natural outflow for surface runoff
  • broken or clogged drainage or septic system
  • leaky water service line.

Agate NorthWest, Whatcom County drainage contractor, can remedy any of these problems. Our experienced team can identify and correct these problems with affordable and cost effective solutions. Just reach out and we’ll provide a free diagnosis and cost estimate.

What do I do if I think I have a clogged downspout?

If rainwater is spilling over your gutters or you’re experiencing water pooling in your yard, you may have a clogged or damaged downspout drainage system.

Rainwater that collects around your foundation can cause serious structural problems such as rot, insects and water entering into your home.

Common causes are root infiltration, sediment buildup, ground settling or improperly installed systems. Agate Northwest can send a remote camera into the drainage system to identify and locate the problem. Once the problem is identified, we can provide cost effective solutions to fix the problem, so your system works the way it should.

What the difference between a French drain and a curtain drain? Which one is best?

French drains and curtain drains are essentially the same thing. However, the primary distinction is French Drains carry groundwater that may be deeper and trapped by a clay layer or hardpan to a stable outflow source. Curtain Drains handle water that collects on the surface and discharges that water to a stable outflow source. Curtain drains utilize the natural topography to provide slope for drainage.

Either way, Agate NorthWest, Whatcom County drainage contractor, can make recommendations and install the drain system that solves your particular water problem.

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